Attention Ticket Holders

For all those of you who have been eagerly watching the post, tickets for the April event are now prepared for distribution and will be sent from next week.*

It is vitally important that you have the correct email and postal address registered with Greentix. To update your details please contact Greentix directly.

When your order has been shipped out you will receive an email including your Australia Post Tracking ID. You can use that 12 digit number to track your tickets at

Be reminded that we have a strict NO TICKET NO ENTRY policy so keep your tickets in a safe place, read them carefully and bring them with you.

* UPDATE: Ticket Delivery
Tickets will be sent out in batches starting from next Wednesday 8th February, just a little later than we initially anticipated.

22 Responses to Attention Ticket Holders

  1. Toni Geoegiou says:

    I have moved house since purchasing my tickets!

  2. John Barker says:

    I purchased two tickets for myself and my wife some months ago.
    I could find no seating plan at the time of purchase nor can I see one now (January 20 2012)
    Are those persons who book early given preference in seating ?
    If not, why not ?
    Your web site indicates that tickets will be posted soon.
    John Barker

    • GAC says:

      The seating plan is available on our tickets page

      There are no allocated seating due to the logistics involved with the MCEC, the ticketing agency, booking of the plenaries and other issues such as people walking around during speaking time (coming in late for example, people walking past others finding seats etc etc), there are sections for Gold and standard passes and this is the fairest balance.

      As to the website indicating tickets will be posted soon, as per the article tickets for the 2012 Global Atheist Convention will be posted next week.

  3. Ross Tinkler says:

    I booked tickets for this years convention for my wife and me as soon as they came on sale after enjoying the last convention so much.
    Here’s the sad bit. Due to circumstances beyond our control we now find we are unable to attend. How do we go about getting a refund?

  4. Anna Stevens says:

    I have not received my notification as to regards to my ticket or tracking number yet is there a problem thanks Anna

  5. Rob Hipwell says:


    I purchased a ticket toward the end of 2011. I noticed the email and this announcement on the 19th of January saying, at that time, that tickets would be sent out “next week” and that ticket holders would be contacted by Greentix directly. I haven’t yet received my ticket or been contacted by Greentix. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of my booking number since having to reformat my computer in December (clumsy, I know). Is there any way of confirming that there is no problem with the transaction and delivery of the ticket? Perhaps through proof of identity, proof of email address ownership, credit card details used to purchase the ticket, etc.?

    Thanks for your time,

  6. Liam Heaver says:

    Hey, I won a ticket offered in the Student Grant initiative late last year, and have not yet been sent a conformation email nor have I received my ticket. Could someone perhaps confirm that my ticket is on it’s way? Thanks!

    • GAC says:

      For the students we are asking that you bring some simple identification to the Convention and pick up your entrance lanyard when you arrive at a booth that will be marked, no need to have a ticket to swap for it.

      All volunteers at the convention ticket stands will be well aware of your free pass and will have you on their list. You can also approach one of the committee members, these will be people with black GAC t-shirts and a silver lanyard, along with a communications ear-piece to point you in the direction of the correct ticket booth.


  7. Ruth G says:

    I have not received my tickets yet or any notification from Greentix. I booked as soon as they were released and booked two tickets.

  8. Ee Leng Ooi says:

    I also have not had any confirmation about tickets. When will they all be sent out so I can start worrying then?

    • GAC says:

      Tickets will begin to be sent out from next Wednesday 8th February, just a little later than we initially anticipated.
      Apologies for the delay. There are lots and lots of tickets!

  9. Scott Lillie says:

    I purchased my ticket in late December but I have not yet received my postage confirmation email from Greetix. Do I need to contact Greentix directly regarding this issue?

  10. Justin Middleton says:

    I have also not received my tickets yet or had any notification from Greentix. I booked in September and had a Green Tix confirmation at that time – is there a delay? Thanks

  11. Roger Low says:

    I also have not received any notification or my ticket & booked back in September

  12. Greg Kelson says:

    Booked tickets in Sept for sessions and dinner. No email and no tickets ?

  13. Tom Marty says:

    I ordered tickets months ago, and received a purchase confirmation at that time. I still have not received any notification from Greentix or received my tickets. I am moving soon so can I expect them to arrive shortly or will I have to change my address?

  14. Ben Finney says:

    Like others, I am concerned by the “will be sent from next week” implying the tickets would be sent in late January 2011; they have not.

    Please get a more accurate delivery date from the ticket manager, and update this article to inform us better.

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