Order The Australian Atheist Magazine

The Atheist Foundation of Australia has produced a 56-page, full-colour issue of The Australian Atheist magazine devoted entirely to the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.

It is full of insights from various perspectives accompanied by magnificent photos of the event.

If ever there was a way to relive this exciting and one-off experience, this is it.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the magazine it is available for $20.00 (inc p&h.)

Please make payments via Direct Deposit to:
Atheist Foundation of Australia
Commonwealth Bank
BSB 065503
Account Number 10120389

Please include your name and ‘TAA’ in the reference field.

Email your name and postal address to taa@atheistfoundation.org.au

If you prefer to pay by cheque/money order send to
Atheist Foundation of Australia
SA 5573


6 Responses to Order The Australian Atheist Magazine

  1. Susanne Gardner says:

    any chance of paying by Paypal? if so please let me know the email address to send payment to – will send $25 to cover fees etc

  2. Hi Guys

    Just ordered the Atheist Magazine. Receipt M2799245826 NAB
    Please send to
    Dr C Strakosch
    Suite 16, Greenslopes Specialist Center
    Newdegate Street
    Greenslopes 4120


  3. Wiseguy says:

    What a wondeful souvenir from an historic event. Not only lost of happy snaps, but first rate editorial/commentaries/reflections as well…and a wonderful ending!

  4. Joan Gillies says:

    I would love a copy of your magazine to remind me of a wonderful weekend in April, but need to know how much to send with P&H included. thanks

  5. antony pasifa says:

    Dear Atheists,
    You choose to believe there is no God, yet you choose to blame the world’s problems on him. “What about all the evil in this world” I hear you say? Why are innocent babies born with disabilities, why don’t all murderers, rapists, and thieves receive the justice they deserve? Why are there murderers, rapists and thieves? Where were you when I needed you!
    You think if he was real, and if he really did love us, our world would not be as corrupted as it is right now. If he did everything he said he was going to do, the world would be a much better place to live in. But when did he say that the world will be a perfect place where all humans will live in peace? Surely you can’t blame all the world’s problems on him.
    I heard one of your fellow atheists saying “Religion is the cause of all the problems in this world” but what does that have to do with God personally? He does not have strings to control the every movement of all his “followers”. These people, who call themselves Christians, are a disgrace to Christianity, and God himself.
    Killing in the name of God or “Allah” is nonsense. True Christians believe God will deal with them in his time; there is no need for revenge from human effort. A lot of the modern religion has been corrupted by self-righteous pastors who lead their church further and further into a false sense of God’s direction and will. Though there are churches that preach the wrong message, there are still many churches, all over the world, which heal both physical and psychological pain of those who seek help, churches which are filled with the Lord’s spirit and his love.
    I believe true religion is a personal experience; it is not about belonging to a group which share the same belief, it is the personal relationship you have with your God.
    I am aware that some of you used to be Christians and have since left the faith, you probably thought: “Jesus loves me. Now that I’m a Christian, I’ve got God here to protect me from danger and loosing those I love”. But if you had been faithfully seeking him you would have known that choosing the Christian lifestyle is far from an easy task. If you truly experienced his presence and his peace, you would never have considered leaving him.
    I am confused to why you choose not to believe in God. Ancient civilisations believed in Gods, and why would they just make up a supernatural being out of thin air. I believe a much more realistic explanation would that there is a real God, the one true God, and the other civilisations took that, and created their own.
    Why do you have to understand the universe and all its secrets? Do you even have the mental capacity to comprehend that amount of knowledge? Why can’t you just accept that there are some things that you won’t understand? I believe there are some things that only God should know, and in good time, everything will be clear to us.
    Your motto is “the celebration of reason”, I earnestly seek your reply; show me your reason for choosing the lifestyles you live.

  6. Dear Antony Pasifa

    I was brought up in a devout household and flatter myself that I understand the reasons for belief. I finally put my thoughts on the subject on the net. See above


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