Building on the success of The Rise of Atheism (2010) and A Celebration of Reason (2012), in 2018 the Atheist Foundation of Australia is excited to host the third Global Atheist Convention, Reason to Hope.

The convention will bring together like-minded thinkers, and those who want to challenge their thinking, for an exhilarating three days featuring world-renowned speakers and entertainers in a world-class Melbourne venue.

The Global Atheist Convention welcomes everyone – whether you are a ‘serious’ atheist, ‘faithless and relaxed’, someone who is not-sure-but-keeping-an-open-mind on the topic of religion or an intellectually curious religious person (or a partner, friend or family member of any of these) you might want to enjoy brilliant speakers, laugh at godless comedians maybe gather some food for thought from the discussions and debates.

Previous Global Atheist Conventions have had people attend from all over the world - including Richard Dawkins, A.C. Grayling and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as well as local activists Jane Caro, Leslie Cannold and Geoffrey Robertson. Speakers have ranged across topics such as historical humanism, scientific findings, activism & outreach, and there have been a lot of laughs at the comedy acts on opening night and at the Saturday Night Dinner. After each event, we consider the feedback and brainstorm how to make the next convention more invigorating and more challenging. That's what we have in mind for Reason to Hope.

It will be three days of entertainment, of philosophers, of mingling, of laughter and book-signing, of being challenged and confronted... thoughts about atheism, the role of science and evidence-based reasoning in a “post-truth” world and how a human-centred, skeptical, secular approach might well be our best hope for the future.

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