PROGRAM – 2018 Global Atheist Convention


Indicative program for Reason to Hope

Robin Ince and Jane Caro will MC the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Friday night
Lawrence Leung
(and others!)

Sir Salman Rushdie
Ben Goldacre
Tracey Spicer
Clementine Ford
Leslie Cannold
Greta Christina
Jason Ball
Future Crunch

Richard Dawkins
Maryam Namazie
Aron Ra
Peter FitzSimons
Annie Laurie Gaylor
Dan Barker
Sikivu Hutchinson

Saturday Night Gala Dinner
Simon Taylor
Rod Quantock
Alice Fraser

Please note that while we do not anticipate changing the days on which specific speakers are scheduled to appear, due to unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary for us to do so. If that occurs we will update this page as soon as practical.